November 1, 2023

What Is Co-Hosting?

In co-housing, you work with the landlord to make their property available on websites like Airbnb and VRBO for short-term rentals. The landlord would pay for all of the furniture and cost of labor required to get the property up and running. The generated revenue will be divided between the parties involved. It's an extremely low risk/low capital way to get into short term rentals.

Lets look at example of what the revenue split may look like in co-hosting situation:

Gross Monthly Income Made
(After Cleaning Fee Subtracted)

Co-Hosting Fee (%)



As part of our program, we teach our students how to tier their cohosting fee for the summer months so they can make more money.

The property generated $3,600 after deducting cleaning fees in the given scenario. You would make 25% of $3,600 or $900 for managing their listing on short term rental sites. It only take's a few co-hosting deals to start making an extra 4-5k a month online.

Before you start, there are a few things you should have. The first is a co-hosting agreement that lays out the revenue splits and terms of the deal. The second is you'll need to be added as a co-host on their airbnb account. This will give you full access to edit the listing information, daily rates, and communications with guests.

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