October 26, 2023

How To Start Airbnb Arbitrage

Airbnb Arbitrage can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Luckily, we are here to break it down for you into 8 simple steps. You can download the full guide here >> LINK TO GUIDE

Market Research

Before diving into property acquisition, it's crucial to conduct thorough
market research to ensure you're making informed decisions.

Utilize the AirDNA platform to analyze the financial potential of properties in
your target city. Look at key metrics such as average nightly rates,
occupancy rates, and rental income estimates.

Our favorite strategy is to head to the "Revenue" tab, narrow down to the
specific unit size you're targeting (ie. 1bd, 2bd, etc.), download the Excel data,
and take a 12-month rolling average revenue for your analysis. We teach
additional methods to our students for the highest levels of success and

Finding Deals

To identify potential properties for your Airbnb portfolio, leverage online
platforms like Zillow, Hotpads, or RentCafe. Use filters to narrow down your
search to properties that align with your criteria. This will depend on
whether you're targeting apartments or houses.

Once you've identified potential properties, reach out to the landlords to
express your interest in partnering with them for short-term rentals.
Having an excellent, enticing messaging and emailing script here can be
key in getting more favorable responses.

Pitching The Landlord

When communicating with landlords, emphasize the benefits of partnering
with your Airbnb business.

Highlight how your approach can eliminate common challenges associated
with traditional long-term rentals - such as late payments, evictions, and
property damage.
Emphasize that short-term rentals can provide a
consistent and potentially higher income stream.

Always remember to position your talk track to how it directly benefits the
landlord or building operators. What's in it for them?

Signing The Contract

When a landlord expresses interest in your proposal, you typically sign a standard
lease agreement. Alongside the standard lease, present an addendum that outlines
the terms of using the property for short-term rentals.

Furnishing The Unit

Creating a comfortable and appealing space is crucial for attracting guests. Utilize
online retailers like Amazon and Wayfair for fast and convenient furniture and decor
shopping. Consider hiring furniture builders and handymen to expedite the
furnishing process. You can learn more about the costs of furnishing here.

A well-furnished unit can significantly enhance guest experiences and reviews. We
provide our students with pre-arranged furniture sheets so you never forget key

Hiring Staff

Your property will require maintenance and support staff to ensure smooth
operations. For tasks like installing TVs, smart locks, and security cameras,
enlist the help of skilled handymen from platforms like Thumbtack or

Additionally, build a reliable cleaning staff by using platforms like Turno to
find experienced cleaners. For professional real estate photographers,
search online or through local directories.

Your team are your eyes and ears - establish quality relationships and
ensure they are communicative. This will prevent you from ever needing to
visit the units.

List On Airbnb

Once your property is fully furnished and equipped, invest in professional
photography to showcase it in the best light. Craft a compelling listing
description that highlights the unique features of your property and its

Use the information gathered from your market research to set competitive

Think of creative ways to drive traffic to your listing - put attention on your
unique amenities and aspects of your unit.

Set Up Software

Here is where you get your time and life back.

To streamline property management tasks, integrate software solutions like
Hospitable or Guesty. These platforms allow you to automate guest
communication, manage bookings, and coordinate with cleaning staff.
Additionally, utilize PriceLabs to automate pricing adjustments based on
demand fluctuations in your area. This automation will help you optimize
your revenue and minimize manual work.

We teach our students how to optimize these platforms for best results.

Final Thoughts On Setting Up Your 1st Airbnb Arbitrage Deal

By following these eight comprehensive steps, you'll be well-equipped
to launch your profitable Airbnb empire and navigate the world of short-term rentals with confidence.

As your business grows, you can seek advanced tactics like hiring
virtual assistants to work for you around the clock, so that you aren't tied to the day-to-day of the units.

Remember, success in this business comes from a combination of
market research, strategic partnerships, efficient management, and
exceptional guest experiences. Good luck on your journey to becoming a successful Airpreneur!

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